Such a human-robot!

Even the scientists were impressed by the similarity between the robot called Sophia, produced by the company Hanson Robotics headquartered in Hong Kong, and the humans.

The extraordinary Artificial Intelligence was presented last September during the Lisbon Web Summit when this technology showed to have more than 60 facial expressions and to remember even episodes of the past.

It may represent an incredible step ahead in terms of innovation. Isn’t it?


The E-commerce flies

“E-commerce has been expanding at an average rate of 20% a year as bricks-and-mortar shops have languished”, according to The Economist.

The growth of online activities is extremely fast and it is proved by the success achieved by e-commerce giants like Amazon and Alibaba that offer innovative products and services.
The competition is strong, as well: each company strives for offering a broad choice of goods with more price transparency.
But what is the key of success for both the companies?


Employees’ involvement in the digital age

The digital transformation is changing the way in which people communicate and participate to the decisions in the workplace.

According to Sandy M. Nessing, Managing Director, Corporate Sustainability at American Electric Power (AEP) “Communication is essential to employee engagement. We are all plugged in and on our phones; we are always looking for ways to connect with employees electronically”.